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NGA Key Solutions specializes in business consultation, custom education program development, and training solutions.

As a Commercial and Government Entity we service the private and public sectors.

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NGA Key Solutions is actively involved in service of our country through the pursuit of excellence.
We leverage our many combined years of business expertise and experience to provide government, education and private sector organizations with world class performance excellence consultation services. We are experts in business administration, strategic management, corporate governance, as well as government and corporate compliance.

Our other specialties include big data for business analytics. Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as decision support systems and business intelligence. We integrate with your organization to fully understand its structure and goals so we can help you and your teams achieve the highest levels of excellence and sustained success.

As education and training solution providers we bring over 20 years of experience and expertise as educational organization leaders, program architects, and educators to offer the highest level of educational program and curriculum development that exceeds national and regional accreditation requirements customized to meet your organizations educational and training needs. Whether your organization needs industry specific certification training and workshops, or full program and curriculum development; we have the ability to consult, plan, and implement a solution that will fit your needs.

Sustainable success is achieved through alignment of processes and technology using our world class knowledge and experts, built on the NIST Baldrige Performance Excellence Frameworks.

We partner client organizations of all sizes to achieve real business benefits by helping them make fast informed decisions, leverage core competencies, and reduce risk.

About Us

Dr. Jack Nasser, Principal Managing Member

Dr. Nasser is a dynamic business leader who has worked in both the private and public sectors in his specialization of Strategic Management and Finance and established a premier executive coaching and consulting practice. His experience as a strategic problem solver, planner and practitioner has lead him to become an appointed Baldrige Examiner for the Department of Commerce in service to the President of the United States for the National Quality Award and as a Senior Examiner for the American Health Care Association.

Dr. Nasser is also actively involved in academia as an accomplished administrator/innovator for more than 10 years and most recently serving as the Dean of the College of Business and Management. Dr. Nasser has worked at every level in higher education from certificate to doctoral programs to both domestic and international students. Dr. Nasser has vast experience in program development and accreditation processes.

Dr. Nasser also is a multilingual world traveler who considers himself a global citizen. He enjoys bridging the gap between theory and practice from the classroom to the boardroom. The biggest reward for him is to see his students/clients grow and develop and accomplish their goals.

Dr. Julio Garibay, Principal Managing Member

Dr. Garibay has been working as an IT and Business consultant for AT&T, IBM Corp. and GloStraL Consulting in San Diego, CA., designing, supervising and completing entire turnkey operations in the region and in developing countries.

He received his Doctor of Business Administration degree, working in the area of Strategic Management and the Information Technology industry. He also holds a MS in Telecommunications Systems Management and a BS in Computer Science. His passion for communications technology has also led him to obtain the CCNP and CCNA vendor certifications. Dr. Garibay is the author of the book “Information Technology Convergence, Innovation Management and Firm Performance”.

Dr. Garibay has served as an Adjunct Faculty Professor throughout his career, teaching and developing curriculum for MBA, MS, BS and AS courses at educational institutions located in San Diego, CA. and the State of Baja California, México. He continues working in the Academic sector as a Professor for the College of Business and Management and Computer Science at multiple Universities in San Diego, CA.



At NGA Key Solutions we pride ourselves on working with an established network of industry leaders who share our passion and drive for serving our clients with performance excellence. The diversity of our team allows us to work seamlessly across industry. 


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